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I hope to return to Castle Stuart soon to write a more complete review!

The day we played Castle Stuart was some of the worst weather in which I have ever played golf. We saw every form of weather, short of snow, during the four-hour beating.  There was hail which felt like getting shot with BB guns, horizontal rain which stung any exposed skin, high winds which put any shot above the ground at its mercy, and sunshine which made us sweat under our rain suits.

Being in close proximity to both Dornoch and Nairn, Castle Stuart Golf Links is definitely the “new kid on the block” being only two years old. Located in Inverness, Scotland, it is a rural course, and is worth the long drive. When I was offered the chance to go play Castle Stuart with a group of St Andrews golfers for a mere 25 pounds, with free transportation, I jumped on the opportunity.

Six of the holes on the course are bordering water. These holes are truly on the water and when the tide is high, water can be splashing up next to the tee boxes, greens, and fairways. One of the best examples of this is on the first hole with a hillside of gorse on the left, and the water splashing on the player’s right. The 10th is a spectacular hole with the player hitting from an elevated tee down to the fairway, which has the water running down the entire left side. The remaining twelve holes that are not bordering the water are no letdown. The views are spectacular and each hole poses a challenge to the player. 

The Scottish Open was just held at Castle Stuart. The course received tons of rain before and during the week, which led to a shortened event and very low scoring. I hope that this low scoring and the poor conditions don’t taint anyone’s view of Castle Stuart and what it has to offer. I have only played the course once, but I still name it as one of my favorites. I knew Castle Stuart was high on my list when, while standing on the 18th fairway, having lost eight or so balls, covering my eyes for fear of having them put out by hail, and thinking, “I wish I could go around again!”

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  1. Just back from Scotland…and can’t say enough good things about Castle Stuart. I was the first off the tee @ 7:40am on a crisp, cloudy Friday morning, and had the course all to myself. The staff are absolutely fabulous. Great service and hospitality. Good food in the clubhouse. Superb pro shop.

    The links course is beautiful & incredible, perched right along the Moray Firth with spectacular views. Very, very challenging, especially the greens. A 3 putt is very probable as it’s so easy to misread the breaks and speed.

    One note: I walked the course with a push trolley. The back 9 starts out elevated, so I have never huffed & puffed going uphill so much with a trolley in my life. Pretty sure I left one of my lungs up on hole #14!

    Highly recommend Castle Stuart. It’s about a 20-30 minute drive east of Inverness. But your round will be memorable. Not cheap. £190 pp. Worth it.

    There’s a reason why it’s rated #56 in the world in such a short time. Scottish Open plays there in July.

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