Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle – The Experience

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I was lucky to be invited to stay for a weekend recently at Skibo Castle, located just outside of Dornoch, Scotland. The castle is home to the private Carnegie Club and I look back at it as my favorite place I’ve ever stayed. I don’t say that lightly!The club is private, which is relatively rare in the British Isles, and ... Read More

Mid Pines Inn and Resort Review

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Some of my earliest junior golf tournament memories reach back to rounds at Mid Pines on trips with my Dad. I grew up in Asheville, N.C., so at least once a year we’d journey down to Pinehurst for a junior tournament or two. The tournaments were often played over a number of area courses, but it seemed like Mid Pines … Read More

The Cradle at Pinehurst Resort Review

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“Innovate or die.” Think back to the hottest golf destinations of 30 years ago. How many are still considered top of the pack? Many of the popular destinations of the past failed to embrace that “innovate or die” theme, and in turn they’ve been left behind in an ever-evolving world. Pinehurst Resort has managed to stay near the top of … Read More