What Does Far and Sure Do?

Far and Sure is a golf tour company focused on providing value and unforgettable trips to the British Isles.

Golf Trips To:
- Scotland
- England
- Ireland
- Wales

How to Request a Quote:
- Gather some key details about your trip such as group size, dates, preferred transportation (rental car vs. bus and driver), accommodation preferences (hotels, B&Bs, or rentals), and the key courses that you want to play.
- Send those details in an email to me at We will get back to you ASAP with either questions to fine-tune the quote, or a detailed quote itself.

Questions or Want Help Brainstorming?
- Shoot me an email to and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Why I Got Involved

Over the last eight years I’ve helped thousands of people plan golf trips to Scotland. I've spoken with hundreds more who wanted help choosing a golf tour company, and often when I look at the quotes they receive, I'm disappointed in the value and experiences that many tour companies provide.

With my two well-traveled golf buddies Andy and Peter, I’ve joined Far and Sure Golf Tours. We create unforgettable trips that include lesser-known courses and experiences that don’t make most tour company itineraries. Our clients leave the British Isles with a deeply memorable experience—not in a daze from a whirlwind sprint from course to course.

I will always remain a resource for everything Scottish golf, but for those who want a turnkey golf trip overseas, look to Far and Sure. Find out more at the Far and Sure website.

Find Out More

Read more about Far and Sure, the partners, and what we do at