“How to Plan a Scottish Golf Trip” | Ebook

Over the past years of answering countless emails from readers and working with Trip Consulting clients, it has become evident that I need to put all of the answers to the most key questions in a single, easy place.

I wrote “How to Plan a Scottish Golf Trip” to serve as the single piece of the puzzle that people need for planning. I packed the book with as much local knowledge and useful tips as possible. In the book I cover:

-The golf regions of Scotland with descriptions, driving times, and a list of courses in each
-How to choose courses for the trip with links to full reviews
-How to get tee times
-Transportation and how to choose the best option
-Accommodation and food
-Budgeting strategies
-Non-golf recommendations for the trip
-The steps to booking the trip

At the beginning of the trip planning process, the task can feel very overwhelming. However, if you break the trip down into manageable steps with the help of some valuable local knowledge as outlined in the book, you can plan a perfect trip and maximize your budget.

The ebook is available for purchase at any of the retailers listed on this page. If you have any questions, just shoot me an email at graylyn@graylynloomis.com!