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Bandon Preserve is the 13-hole short course at Bandon Dunes. It is an absolute blast, and while this won’t be a full “review,” I did want to showcase the short course on the website. The Coore & Crenshaw-designed course was built in the dunes below the Bandon Trails clubhouse, and it opened in 2012.

It took about an hour and a half to play the 13 holes at Bandon Preserve, and it was a perfect way to cap off the day. All you need is a light bag with a selection of irons, wedges, and a putter. The views on the course are jaw-dropping and the shots you face at the Preserve will prepare you what you’ll find on the big courses.’

As a traveling golfer and golf writer, I am often asked how people can increase the appeal of the game to non-golfers. Experiences like Bandon Preserve do exactly that. The resort actively encourages a really casual and laid back attitude towards the short course and a round there would be fun for nearly anyone. If I was looking for a place to introduce someone to golf, 


One of my favorite aspects was seeing the Preserve from the Bandon Dunes course. Coming up holes 17 and 18, the Preserve is on your right and it looks like an absolute blast… If you’re in Bandon and have some extra time or energy one afternoon, take the time to play the Preserve! It’s a ton of fun.


Hole #1 – 134 yardsDSC00639

Hole #2 – 150 yardsDSC00640

Hole #3 – 87 yards

Hole #4 – 118 yardsDSC00643

Hole #5 – 142 yardsDSC00646

Hole #6 – 131 yardsDSC00649

Hole #7 – 147 yards

Hole #8 – 63 yards

Hole #9 – 134 yardsDSC00657
Hole #10 – 120 yardsDSC00661

Hole #11 – 142 yards

Hole #12 – 132 yards
Hole #13 – 109 yards

If you don’t take the opportunity to play Bandon Preserve you are missing out on a very fun experience. If more places adopted the fun and laid back atmosphere of the Preserve, the game would be more fun and less intimidating for new and old golfers alike.

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