The Course at Sewanee Review

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When I was a junior in high school thinking about where to go to college, I drove five hours from Asheville, North Carolina to Sewanee, Tennessee to visit Sewanee, The University of the South. The campus, or “Domain” as they call it, is 13,000 acres with beautiful architecture and a proud alumni base. Many readers will know I ended up going … Read More

Metropolitan Golf Club Review

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Our round at Metropolitan Golf Club was my first taste of Australian Sandbelt golf. I flew with my dad from the Carolinas all the way to Melbourne, and although we only had six days for the trip, every moment was packed with golf. The first 18-hole round of the trip was at Metropolitan, and in a piece I wrote for … Read More

Brook Hollow Golf Club Review

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My chance to play Brook Hollow Golf Club in Dallas, Texas came out of the blue. The trip to Dallas was to participate as a groomsman in a good friend’s wedding, and a few weeks out, the groom emailed asking if I wanted to grab a round at a place called Brook Hollow prior to the wedding rehearsal. I happily … Read More

Bandon Preserve Photo Tour

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Bandon Preserve is the 13-hole short course at Bandon Dunes. It is an absolute blast, and while this won’t be a full “review,” I did want to showcase the short course on the website. The Coore & Crenshaw-designed course was built in the dunes below the Bandon Trails clubhouse, and it opened in 2012. It took about an hour and a half … Read More

Best Golf of 2016 Awards

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I was fortunate to be the beneficiary of some very generous people during the 2016 summer golf season. A special thanks goes out to my employers at LINKS Magazine, who made many of these trips possible. Another thanks goes out to the individual members who hosted me on many of the other trips. One of my favorite aspects of golf … Read More

Bandon Trails Review

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The quick trip to Bandon Dunes for LINKS Magazine couldn’t have gone much better. The weather was clear, cool, and windy, and although I only had two days at the resort before heading inland, I was able to pack in tons of golf. My round at Bandon Trails fell after a morning round on the Bandon Dunes course. We finished that … Read More

Cabot Cliffs Review

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This review was written by Keith Olbrantz, who has contributed Irish course reviews to the site in the past. Fortunately for us, he spend a few days up in Nova Scotia and the photos are amazing… To see all of his reviews, click here. In 2005, Ben Cowan-Dewar entered into an agreement with the town of Inverness on Cape Breton … Read More

Bandon Dunes Review

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My attitude towards Bandon Dunes prior to my first visit was a mixture of emotions. On one hand, I desperately wanted to visit the property and see the famous courses in person. On the other, I didn’t want be one of the Bandonistas who does nothing but sing the praises of the resort while comparing it to everything else. I … Read More

Pacific Dunes Review

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My flight into North Bend, Oregon swung low and made a sweeping pass right over the courses at Bandon Dunes. Despite having never visited the resort before, I quickly picked the clifftop holes at Pacific Dunes out of the crowd… Others golfers on the flight did the same, and the excitement was palpable as everyone de-boarded. Thankfully, only 35 minutes … Read More

Merion Golf Club (East Course) Review

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Philadelphia is one of my favorite golf cities in the world. I have made three golf trips to the area previously, but for various reasons, rounds at Merion always fell through. When the opportunity to play Merion resurfaced this summer, I was all-in. I flew from South Carolina to Philadelphia and met my good buddy Tim at the airport where … Read More

Long Cove Club Review

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Long Cove Club is considered to be one of the best courses on Hilton Head Island. The private club was built in the early 1980s and it remains one of the most prestigious on the island. Pete Dye designed the golf course, which balances typical Dye challenge with a course that won’t dishearten a membership who play the course daily. … Read More

Heron Point by Pete Dye (Sea Pines) Review

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When I made my first trip to Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island back in 2012 to play Harbour Town Golf Links, the place felt a little tired and old. If you were to return today, you might not recognize the new facilities. Bill Goodwin, a developer and the owner of Sea Pines, has poured tens of millions into a … Read More

Maidstone Club Review

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When I left New York City after my last golf trip to the area, I would have laughed at you if you told me I’d be back four weeks later. But, as fate would have it, I was back in the Hamptons again one month later to play Maidstone Club. This second visit was with my golf buddy Tim, who … Read More

Tobacco Road Golf Club Review

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“It’s something… that’s for sure.” “The most fun course in the country!” “Hated it.” “Loved it. Can’t wait to play it again…” “I would sub another course for Tobacco Road if I were you.” The opinions above were a selection of many sent to me the morning of my round at Tobacco Road. I don’t need to state the obvious, but … Read More

Quaker Ridge Golf Club Review

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Quaker Ridge marked the final round on a weekend that included Shinnecock Hills and National Golf Links of America. My host member at Quaker Ridge had played those first two rounds with me, and he jokingly warned, “Quaker Ridge will feel like a letdown after those two!” Instead of a letdown, I found a terrific club with a beautiful golf course. And, … Read More

National Golf Links of America Review

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National Golf Links of America was the last round to fall into place during the New York trip. Whenever I mentioned that I would be playing the course to friends ahead of the round, they all said the same thing, “You won’t find another course like National anywhere else! You’ll love it.” Quirky, fun, and unique were the words that kept … Read More

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club Review

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One of the best aspects of golf is the relationships that are built through the game. My round at Shinnecock Hills was made possible through a golf buddy, and after four hours on the course, I left Shinnecock with three new friends. We started the day with lunch on the back porch of the clubhouse, which is undeniably one of … Read More

Oakmont Country Club Review

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The journey of playing top golf courses around the world takes you down unexpected roads. I was sitting at my desk at LINKS Magazine when an email came into my inbox. It was from the USGA and it offered the chance to play Oakmont in the 2016 US Open Media Day. The only problem was that it was a Tuesday, … Read More

Currahee Club Review

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The drive to Currahee Club feels like you are heading into the middle of nowhere. As you pass rural northern Georgia towns and farms, you round a corner and see an elegant southern-style building at the end of the road. With that view of the building you have just found Currahee Club. We went to the gate, received the keys … Read More

The Creek Club at Reynolds Lake Oconee Review

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The Creek Club is the only private course at Reynolds Lake Oconee, and the experience differs from the resort courses in the small details. Due to the comparatively little amount of play on the course, the Creek Club is able to do things differently. For instance, the Creek greens are very fast bent grass, which is rare for a course … Read More