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“When you buy quality, you only cry once.”

Caddying 36 holes a day in torrential rain and heavy Scottish winds is the ultimate test for a rain suit. Although four years in St Andrews and hundreds of rounds of golf tested my rain gear, a season caddying at Kingsbarns Golf Links convinced me that Galvin Green is absolutely the best. The best recommendation that I can  give for a product comes from many of the caddies I worked with in Scotland. A large number of them wore Galvin Green rain suits underneath the FootJoy rain gear required by Kingsbarns.


While the Galvin Green name is synonymous with premium quality in the UK and Europe, it is slowly gaining traction in the US. I had never heard of the company before moving to Scotland in 2010. One of the first things I noticed was that nearly every single serious golfer had rain gear from Galvin Green, and they all seemed to be bone-dry when walking off of the course, something I couldn’t say about my “waterproof” gear from North Carolina. I quickly purchased my first Galvin product from Auchterlonie’s Golf Shop in St Andrews, and never looked back. The company is expanding offerings in the States, and if you can’t find it in your golf shop, have a look online.


Style shouldn’t be your first concern when choosing a rain suit, but some are certainly better looking than others. I find that much of those style points come from the fit and form of the gear. Many rain suits don’t seem to be designed around the human body… panels look as if they have simply been stitched together around a dummy; an actual human has to squeeze himself inside. The Galvin Green gear that I have owned fits very well and is comfortable to swing in, which leads us to functionality.


It is important to note that the extreme waterproofness of the product is due to the use of Gore-Tex fabric. Gore-Tex is used by many companies, but I have found that Galvin Green utilizes it in the most “golf swing friendly” package. The shell jacket fits very well (although it is slightly large on my brother who wore it in these photos), while leaving plenty of room for the movements required in a golf swing. The same cannot be said for other company’s Gore-Tex ranges. What good is a waterproof golf rain jacket if you can’t swing the golf club freely?


I have subjected this Galvin Green suit to very heavy use over the past three years. The quality is still as strong as day one. I have had no problems with the suit, but if I did, Galvin Green offers a lifetime guarantee on the waterproofness of their product. If you have any problems, simply send it back. That being said, be careful with your investment, because any human error, such as puncturing or tearing the gear on a gorse bush, is not covered.


It would be impossible to discuss Galvin Green rain gear without also addressing its very high cost. A Galvin shell jacket will run anywhere from $250-$350+, with shell pants in a similar price range. Buying a full suit is a HUGE investment! I do not suggest buying a Galvin Green suit for a single trip to Scotland from Florida- you will simply not get the value out of your investment. However, if you are making multiple golf trips to rainy climates, or live in one of those rainy climates, there is not a better product. If the huge price tag is an issue, as it was when I bought my suit, I suggest waiting for the newest line of gear to be released and picking up the previous (equally waterproof) line at a bargain clearance rate.


It is hard to justify spending the required amount on a Galvin rain suit until you are cold, wet, and shivering on the 13th tee; nevertheless, weigh the amount of use you would get out of the gear and decide whether the investment makes sense for you. Galvin Green offers a huge number of waterproof layer, windproof layer, and insulation layer gear options. Have a look at their website here to search through their large array 0f men’s and women’s options.


Pro Tip:
If you are going to visit Scotland in off-peak months (and sometimes even in peak months), a pair of insulated mittens to wear between shots can be the difference between an enjoyable round and a painful round with high scores and numb hands. Spring for a pack of hand warmers and toss one into each mitten – you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Totally agree with you. It is a big investment but well worth it. The bonus is basically a no questions asked return/replacement policy.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Ron. I’m glad you agree! I have had friends return jackets to Galvin Green for small problems and they are immediately returned with the newest, top of the line jacket. Excellent customer service!


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  4. graylyn….i have always lived by this credo….”when you buy quality you only cry once”..this statement comes to bear with galvin green products…

  5. Will be in Scotland May 17-27 . Sold on the GG rain gear and was going to buy on-line before leaving the U.S. but, based on the expense would like to make sure that the fit and feel of the particular suit I purchase is exactly what I want and there is too much differential in the online sizing guides. As such was going to wait until arrival in Edinburgh so I can actually try on different suits. Is that a realistic option and are there any good stores near the Edinburgh Airport that might carry a good inventory of GG products that you could recommend?

    1. Very smart to wait to try on the rain suits before making the purchase. With a serious purchase like that, it isn’t worth messing up the sizing right before your trip. I don’t know of any stores in Edinburgh that carry GG, but most golf pro shops in Scotland do carry GG. What is the first golf club you will be playing? Whether it is St Andrews, East Lothian, or Ayrshire, etc., they should have GG gear in the pro shops. Waiting to try things on would be a good move.

  6. What a great review Graylin. I’ve recently bought a Galvin Green David insulating top, a superb Barton windproof top and a waterproof Alvin jacket. I have to say, the quality is absolutely second to none, and for the first time (after shelling out for a large number of products over the years) I feel complete confidence in the equipment I have. I just wear whichever layers are appropriate to the weather now. It was a big investment but well worth every penny. To be fair, I saved a lot of money by shopping around on the internet for the best prices in my size, although even then you wouldn’t say it was cheap! I just wish I’d had the good sense to have made this investment a long time ago. I will now remember and quote the saying “When you buy quality, you only cry once.”
    May I also say thank you so much for taking the time to write such excellent, well thought out reviews for everything from equipment to courses and publishing such quality photos.

    1. Andy, thank you very much for the comment. It is a great compliment when I hear from people who have taken the advice from my reviews and are happy with the purchases. You made a great choice with the Galvin Green and I am sure that it will continue to serve you well.

      I will keep the reviews coming! Thanks again, Graylyn

  7. Visiting Scotland July 2-20 2018. Are there any golf shops in Southern California that carry Galvin Green Ladies gortex rain suits or should I wait to purchase in Scotland. We are playing St. Andrews, Trump International, Glen Eagles and Troon.

    1. Hi Pat,

      That is going to be a great trip! You’re smart to be planning your rain gear now. Unfortunately there aren’t a ton of stores that carry Galvin Green in the states, so if you want to try things on, you may want to wait until Scotland. That said, if you don’t need to try anything on, Trendy Golf (linked below) sells Galvin Green on their website and they are an authorized provider. Here are some helpful links:

      Trendy Golf –

      Galvin Green Store Locator –

  8. What does a Jacket cost in Scotland at one of the courses? Heading to The Open with 2 friends to celebrate my 50th. Trying to decide if I should by now or wait. Any 9 hole courses you recomend in the highlands/Inverness/dornoch/Narin areas.

    1. Hi Randy, they can cost a pretty penny! Depending on the model, the Galvin Green jackets run around £350.

      On the golf course front, I’m not sure of many 9-hole courses right around the Dornoch area, but I’d certainly try to visit Brora, Golspie, and Tain in addition to the famous links. Well north of Dornoch you have some great 9-holers like Durness, but it’s a long journey up there!

      Enjoy your trip to the Open and congrats on the 50th!

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