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Ian Poulter’s outfits on tour rarely align with my personal taste. The bright coordinated outfits are much bolder than my usually boring country club attire. However, when I was recently given the opportunity to review IJP Design’s new Autumn Winter 2015 Collection by their PR team, I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few more subdued options available to golfers. Although I typically turn down offers to receive products from PR companies, the offer from IJP struck me as an opportunity to review high end clothing in a style that is not my norm.IMG_9822

I went with the Raglan Golf Shirt in white ($62.65) and the Classic Golf Pants ($128.44) with the Double Breaker Belt ($68.77). The outfit was one of the more “vanilla” combinations available on the site, but it provides a really classic look that I like. For a 250ish dollar ensemble, I was expecting some serious quality and that is exactly what I found when I got the clothing into my hands.

Raglam Golf Shirt

The shirt material is extremely comfortable. The fabric is 92% polyester and 8% elastane, giving it the feel of a very soft, breathable shirt. The shirt is also very thin. The thinness means it is very light, quick drying, and comfortable. It is not your thick 100% cotton collared shirt.IMG_9824

The fit of the shirt is somewhere in between a slim and relaxed fit. I am not as slim as I would like to be at the moment, and I found the fit to be comfortable. The sleeves fall just above the elbow. The shirt tail is also long enough to stay tucked during the twisting and other motions during a round of golf. One of my fears was that the shirts would be a very tight “Euro” look, which was not the case.

I really like the button down collar, again touching on a more classic golfing look. The only branding on the shirt is a relatively understated IJP logo at the base of the neck – kudos for keeping it simple!IMG_9825

Double Breaker Belt

The Double Breaker belt from IJP is reversible, with one side being white and the other black. The leather is thick, but is bendable and comfortable to wear. The buckle may be slightly loud for some people’s taste (being the IJP logo), but it is comfortable and feels like quality with a satin metal finish and screws holding the elements together. It doesn’t feel like cheap stamped metal.IMG_9812

The belt comes in a single size, leaving the need to cut it down for anyone wearing under a size 44 pant. I found the cutting process to be straightforward, particularly with the provided instructions. Make sure to have a decent pair of scissors or sharp knife on hand. This is a thick piece of leather.IMG_9813

IJP Classic Golf Pants

I am relatively picky about the fit of my pants. I want them to be comfortable while sitting, standing, and bending over to get a ball out of the cup. The IJP Classic Golf Pants, similarly to the shirt, fall somewhere in between a slim and relaxed fit. They are comfortable with a blend of wool, polyester, and lycra. The blend gives the trousers a soft feel with a slight stretch – something that is nice during a round of golf.

The pants also have a lining along the front of the leg from the waist to just below the knee. I didn’t find much about the lining on the IJP website, but I assume it is meant to keep the pants from bunching on the thigh/knee area, while protecting the pant material. You really don’t notice the lining unless, like me, you’re picking these pants apart writing a review.IMG_9817


The longer I’ve spent with the IJP clothes, the more thoughtful features and attention to detail I have noticed. Admittedly, I was initially a skeptic. I didn’t expect the quality to be low by any means, but I didn’t expect the clothing to be nearly as comfortable as it is. With the quality and comfort being as high as they are, the real question is whether you like the IJP styling. The look is very PGA Tour / European Tour with coordinated colors and matching elements. I suspect that I will end up mixing and matching my various IJP pieces. The pants are also smart enough that I will definitely be wearing them to work with some dress shoes.IMG_9820

Have a look through the IJP Autumn / Winter 2015 Collection here. Is there a particular combination of shirt and pants that you like? I’d also be interested to hear what you guys think of the PGA Tour style versus the traditional country club look… Where does the GL readership fall along those lines? Leave a comment!

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  1. I was very much like you in associating IJP with a very bold and extroverted style but this range looks much transferable on and off the course. Will certainly be heading across to their site to see the rest of their range. Thanks for sharing GL.

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