Links to St Andrews Book Review

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I met Josh Evenson in 2010. I was a first year student at the University of St Andrews and he was getting his Masters in economics. We connected as Americans obsessed with everything Scottish golf. In addition to his studies, Josh was working with the R&A’s Heritage Division combing through the sport’s historical archives. We shared pints in the St Andrews … Read More

A Conversation with Tim Alpaugh

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It seems like I have been running into more and more hickory playing golfers as of late. These “hickory golfers” tap into a purer form of golf, solely playing with clubs built pre-1935 while typically using replica golf balls. During my years in Scotland, it wasn’t uncommon to find a player down on the St Andrews Links playing a set of … Read More

Confidential Guide to Golf Courses Vol. 1 Review

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Tom Doak made a name for himself early in his golf architecture career. It was just after finishing his first design in 1988 that he wrote the first edition of this book. Forty copies were given out to his friends as a “thank you” for their help. The pages were filled with his personal reviews of golf courses around the … Read More

George Waters Interview

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George Waters is the author of Sand and Golf: How Terrain Shapes the Game. As you will read in the interview below, George has worked on courses all around the world with Tom Doak, Coore & Crenshaw, and many other great golf course architects. His new book covers many of the best golf courses in the world, looking at how nearly all … Read More