North Berwick (West Links) Review

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North Berwick is one of the funnest golf courses of Scotland. Ancient stone walls dissect many of the holes, exposed rock surfaces on a number of the fairways, and stunning views frame large sections of the course. The town of North Berwick is charming in its own right, and the locals become part of the experience as they spill across … Read More

Dunbar Golf Club Review

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East Lothian is one of my favorite golfing areas in the world. Ever since I played my first round on “Scotland’s Golf Coast,” I have made it my goal to knock off every note-worthy course in East Lothian. I have been lucky enough at this point to have played North Berwick, Archerfield (Fidra), Renaissance Club, Muirfield, and Gullane (1, 2 … Read More

Renaissance Club Review

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This review covers Renaissance Club from my first round before the clubhouse was completed all the way to my latest round, with the addition of three new holes. While the review begins with the original story, scroll to the bottom to see the three new holes! While sitting on the train to North Berwick on my way to Renaissance Club, … Read More

Archerfield Links Review

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When I received the invitation to play at Archerfield Links, I knew very little about the course, and had only heard the name in conjunction with other East Lothian courses. After doing some research, I found that Archerfield was a private member’s club that catered to wealthy golfers looking for full five star treatment. I was eager to play the … Read More

Gullane Golf Club (Course No. 1) Review

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*I did not have my camera during my first round at Gullane No. 1. I have since played all three courses at Gullane for University of St Andrews team matches, and I hope to return soon to write a more complete post. Gullane Golf Club is located in East Lothian, Scotland and has three courses. Interestingly, the courses are numbered … Read More