A Conversation With Aimee Smith

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I first came across Aimee Smith in 2021 when she sent me a direct message on Instagram. Aimee was looking for reference photos of Royal Dornoch and I happily sent her a handful of images of the fifth hole. Ever since, I’ve followed Aimee’s work and have watched with admiration as she uses the tools of social media to connect … Read More

“Opening Drive” and the Scene of the First Open Championship

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I first learned about Opening Drive from a good golf buddy of mine who lives in Scotland. On one of our monthly Facetime catch-ups, he told me about a friend of his named Professor David Purdie, who had extensively researched and then commissioned a painting of the first drive in the first Open Championship. To my surprise, there had never been an … Read More

Mike Cocking Interview – Course Design and Artistic Talent

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I was introduced to the work of OCCM Golf on my trip this past fall to Melbourne, Australia. The Australian golf course design firm is made up of Geoff Ogilvy, Michael Clayton, Mike Cocking, and Ashley Mead, and on that trip, I was able to play Victoria Golf Club with a group of friends that included Michael Clayton. One thing led to another, … Read More

Riley Johns Interview – Golf Art and Course Design Meet

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Riley Johns is first and foremost a golf course architect. He founded Integrative Golf Co. with associates Trevor Dormer and Dan Philcox and they are steadily making a name for themselves in the industry. As you will read below, Riley has learned from some of the best in the course design world. Riley came onto my radar through social media, … Read More

A Conversation with Olivera Cejovic

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Olivera Cejovic is an artist from Budva, Montegro who is able to capture special moments in golf through her work. I first came across Olivera on social media and made a mental note to contact her about an interview. After two separate people wrote me suggesting that I include her in the Golf Art section of the site, I had to make … Read More

A Conversation with Kenneth Reed

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Ken Reed is one of the artists I was most excited to interview for the site. His legendary work has appeared in books and collections around the world. The interview below touches on a number of unique aspects of Ken’s paintings, from his unique watercolor look to the inclusion of golfers in his landscapes – something that makes his paintings … Read More

A Conversation with Dave Baysden

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I came across Dave Baysden’s work within the first few days of having decided to create an art section on the website. My initial email to Dave opened up what has become a friendship, with me having commissioned two paintings (one can be seen on the home page!). I find myself checking his Twitter during golf events, knowing sketches will … Read More

A Conversation with Josh Bills

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When I stumbled across Josh’s website, I was immediately intrigued with his posts outlining the progress in his paintings. He shows every step from drawing in major feature outlines to putting in the final touches. When I reached out to Josh, I found out that he was a lawyer, having only started oil painting with any seriousness at the age … Read More

A Conversation with Lee Wybranski

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Even if his name doesn’t ring any bells, it is likely that you have seen Lee Wybranski‘s work. While it is his Major Championship posters that have gained him the spotlight in the last decade, I hope you leave this interview with an appreciation for his other work as well. You may have held a Wybranski designed scorecard or longingly … Read More

A Conversation with Linda Hartough

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When I said that a painting can capture beauty unseen in photographs, it was Linda Hartough’s work that I had in mind. The level of detail, colors, and care taken in her paintings is jaw-dropping. I appreciate the thought and care she took in her answers for this interview and I hope that it inspires you to discover more of … Read More

Ballpark Blueprints Interview

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My initial email to Ballpark Blueprints asking about this interview led to something not all too uncommon in the world of golf. I had found another passionate golfer who was as crazy about the game as myself. The story of Ballpark Blueprints is interesting a number of levels – not only is it the story of a unique and innovative product, but it … Read More