Pine Valley Golf Club Review

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The feeling of driving through the gates at Pine Valley is a mix of nervousness, excitement, and a frantic need to soak in every single moment and view. All of those emotions are heightened even more when you pull up to the clubhouse where everyone seems to share an unspoken, “can you believe we’re at Pine Valley?!” look every now … Read More

Maidstone Club Review

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When I left New York City after my last golf trip to the area, I would have laughed at you if you told me I’d be back four weeks later. But, as fate would have it, I was back in the Hamptons again one month later to play Maidstone Club. This second visit was with my golf buddy Tim, who … Read More

Northeast US Golf Trip with University of St Andrews

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This post was written by Alexa Hammer for her Hammer & The Links section of the site. She is a student at the University of St Andrews, sharing experiences as she travels the world! Earlier this summer, I traveled from Edinburgh, Scotland to the Northeastern United States with a three other members of the University of St Andrews team and … Read More

Quaker Ridge Golf Club Review

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Quaker Ridge marked the final round on a weekend that included Shinnecock Hills and National Golf Links of America. My host member at Quaker Ridge had played those first two rounds with me, and he jokingly warned, “Quaker Ridge will feel like a letdown after those two!” Instead of a letdown, I found a terrific club with a beautiful golf course. And, … Read More

National Golf Links of America Review

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National Golf Links of America was the last round to fall into place during the New York trip. Whenever I mentioned that I would be playing the course to friends ahead of the round, they all said the same thing, “You won’t find another course like National anywhere else! You’ll love it.” Quirky, fun, and unique were the words that kept … Read More

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club Review

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One of the best aspects of golf is the relationships that are built through the game. My round at Shinnecock Hills was made possible through a golf buddy, and after four hours on the course, I left Shinnecock with three new friends. We started the day with lunch on the back porch of the clubhouse, which is undeniably one of … Read More

Yale University Golf Course Review

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When I played my first Seth Raynor designed golf course at the Country Club of Charleston, I was told, “If you like it here, you’ve got to get up and play Yale sometime.” That same adage was repeated at every other Raynor course that I played subsequently, and with each new round my desire to play Yale grew. When the … Read More

Sleepy Hollow Country Club Review

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Sleep Hollow Country Club marked the last round of golf during my time in New York City. The summer of northeast golf ended on a great note. Sleepy Hollow is one of the great under recognized courses in the northeast US. In his book, The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses, Tom Doak refers to Sleepy Hollow as, “Westchester’s best unknown … Read More

Winged Foot (East & West) Review

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My invitation to play Winged Foot came unexpectedly. I received an email from a friend at my home club reading simply, “When can you play Winged Foot?” From that point, everything fell into place. A quick phone call lined up a morning to play the very next week. My host member for the day insisted that we play 36 holes, … Read More

Fishers Island Club Review

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Fishers Island is located just off the coast of Connecticut, but it is technically located in New York. The island serves as a summer getaway for the upper tier of society. It is a place of understated wealth, the “anti-Hamptons.” You do not see any overt statements of wealth on Fishers. Most of the families who spend summers on the … Read More

Bethpage Black Review

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I played two rounds on back-to-back days on the Black course at Bethpage State Park. The course was built in 1936 by A.W. Tillinghast and, since its inception, it has hosted two U.S. Open Championships (2002, 2009) among a slew of other tournaments. Tillinghast built the course to compete with its fellow northeast neighbors (read Pine Valley and Winged Foot), … Read More