Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club

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Although I’ve spent years and much of my childhood traveling to Pinehurst, NC for golf, it’s only been in the last year that I played Pine Needles. Unlike sister course Mid Pines, I don’t have memories of Pine Needles prior to its most recent renovation and it’s always been the course that barely slipped off the itinerary, always being shoved … Read More

Mid Pines Inn and Resort Review

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Some of my earliest junior golf tournament memories reach back to rounds at Mid Pines on trips with my Dad. I grew up in Asheville, N.C., so at least once a year we’d journey down to Pinehurst for a junior tournament or two. The tournaments were often played over a number of area courses, but it seemed like Mid Pines … Read More

The Cradle at Pinehurst Resort Review

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“Innovate or die.” Think back to the hottest golf destinations of 30 years ago. How many are still considered top of the pack? Many of the popular destinations of the past failed to embrace that “innovate or die” theme, and in turn they’ve been left behind in an ever-evolving world. Pinehurst Resort has managed to stay near the top of … Read More

Tobacco Road Golf Club Review

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“It’s something… that’s for sure.” “The most fun course in the country!” “Hated it.” “Loved it. Can’t wait to play it again…” “I would sub another course for Tobacco Road if I were you.” The opinions above were a selection of many sent to me the morning of my round at Tobacco Road. I don’t need to state the obvious, but … Read More

Dormie Club Review

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I made many trips to the Pinehurst area while growing up in North Carolina. Even after all of these trips to play everything from Pinehurst #2 to Forest Creek, I never made it to Dormie Club. As many keen golf travelers will know, certain courses seem to always be near misses on trips, like a word on the tip of … Read More

Pinehurst No. 8 Review

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Pinehurst is one of my favorite areas in North Carolina to play golf. On one of my most recent trips to the area, I played both Pinehurst no. 2 and no. 8. The resort has a total of eight courses, and more information on the overall features of the resort can be found in the no. 2 post linked above. Pinehurst 8 … Read More

Forest Creek Golf Club (North Course) Review

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I was fortunate enough to stay two nights in the clubhouse at Forest Creek Golf Club. I played both their North and South courses with the owner and two founders of the club. Forest Creek is one of two private clubs in the Pinehurst area of North Carolina. The vision for the club began in the early 90’s when the … Read More

Pinehurst No. 2 Review

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In the same vein as St Andrews, a golfer’s life isn’t complete until he has made the journey to play golf at Pinehurst. The entire experience is unique, from the lodgings to the golf and people. Bobby Jones is quoted saying, “There is something about Pinehurst that tops even the position which it naturally occupies as the St Andrews of … Read More