How to Plan a Scotland Golf Trip for a Big Group

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Avid readers of this site have read dozens of tips and pieces of advice for planning a Scottish golf trip. After years of speaking to readers and helping them plan their trips, I’ve realized more and more that a different set of advice is required for large groups. What comprises a large group? I consider any more than a four … Read More

Reay Golf Club Review

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If you’ve read my reviews recently, you’ll notice a theme: extremely rural Scottish courses. Reay perfectly fits that mold as it’s the most northerly 18-hole course on the British mainland. If you thought that Royal Dornoch was way up north, Reay is 2 hours north of Dornoch! I made the journey to Reay as part of my trip on the … Read More

Gairloch Golf Club Review

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Gairloch Golf Club is one of those rounds I think back to often. It was a cold and rainy morning in June, but there is something about the town of Gairloch and that area of western Scotland that stays with you. I played Gairloch during my journey on the North Coast 500, and I was lucky to be paired up … Read More

Brora Golf Club Review

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Brora Golf Club was another stop on my North Coast 500 drive, and apart from Royal Dornoch, it was the course I’d heard the most about on my itinerary. Brora is located only 35 minutes north of Dornoch, yet relatively few people make the journey past north of Dornoch on their itineraries. I stayed at the nearby Royal Marine Hotel … Read More

The Scotland Golf Trip To-Do List

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I write this with less than two weeks to go until I depart for my latest trip to Scotland. It will include two weeks in the Highlands, a 500+ mile road trip (the North Coast 500), and rounds ranging from hidden 8-hole courses to Trump Turnberry on the southwest coast. I can’t wait! The majority of my Scottish travels came … Read More

How Does Bandon Dunes Compare to Scotland?

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Should I go to Bandon Dunes or Scotland? How different are they? The weather is the same, right? How about the cost? These are all common questions that I receive via email and social media from website readers. And, up until earlier this month, I could never answer it! I lived in Scotland for four years playing golf almost every … Read More

Luggage Forward Golf Club Shipping Review

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I hopped on the evening flight from Charleston, South Carolina to New York City after work earlier this month. After arriving at JFK airport, I meandered towards the AirTrain which would take me to a subway line, which in turn would drop me off two blocks from my hotel in Manhattan. When I saw a sign reading, “AirTrain out of … Read More

Visiting Scotland’s Distilleries

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I am going to use this post to not only describe my favorite whisky distilleries in Scotland, but also to show off some of the lesser seen beauty of the country. Adding a non-golf point of interest to your golf trip can add great depth and enjoyment to the overall trip. I took the photos below on various adventures (all including … Read More