Lookout Mountain Golf Club Review

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Every so often I visit a club that really seems to click with me. I immediately leave those clubs with a renewed love for the game, and more often than not, I’m also mentally jigging my budget to see if I could afford the dues! Lookout Mountain was one of those clubs. I made the visit to Lookout with two golf buddies … Read More

Yale University Golf Course Review

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When I played my first Seth Raynor designed golf course at the Country Club of Charleston, I was told, “If you like it here, you’ve got to get up and play Yale sometime.” That same adage was repeated at every other Raynor course that I played subsequently, and with each new round my desire to play Yale grew. When the … Read More

Yeamans Hall Club Review

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“Many who visit Yeamans Hall feel they have stepped back in time. And in a visual sense, perhaps they have. Yet a closer look reveals not a relic of the past but a place which quietly preserves and builds upon the traditions and sensibilities which guided its founding.” To quote from a friend who has played all of the top … Read More

Country Club of Charleston Review

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My most recent trip to play the Country Club of Charleston marked my third round on the course. A generous friend of mine arranged for me to play in the Saturday morning “Gangsome,” and after chipping in a few dollars for a skins game, I was playing golf with new friends. Our round took place in early December, and the … Read More

Fishers Island Club Review

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Fishers Island is located just off the coast of Connecticut, but it is technically located in New York. The island serves as a summer getaway for the upper tier of society. It is a place of understated wealth, the “anti-Hamptons.” You do not see any overt statements of wealth on Fishers. Most of the families who spend summers on the … Read More