Sweetens Cove Golf Club Review

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I often receive emails, texts, or comments on my reviews suggesting that I play various courses. That said, I have never had more people tell me to play a course than Sweetens Cove in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee. Droves urged me to make the drive across the Carolinas, and with that, I was introduced to the cult following of Sweetens Cove. The course … Read More

Lookout Mountain Golf Club Review

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Every so often I visit a club that really seems to click with me. I immediately leave those clubs with a renewed love for the game, and more often than not, I’m also mentally jigging my budget to see if I could afford the dues! Lookout Mountain was one of those clubs. I made the visit to Lookout with two golf buddies … Read More

The Course at Sewanee Review

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When I was a junior in high school thinking about where to go to college, I drove five hours from Asheville, North Carolina to Sewanee, Tennessee to visit Sewanee, The University of the South. The campus, or “Domain” as they call it, is 13,000 acres with beautiful architecture and a proud alumni base. Many readers will know I ended up going … Read More