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Since coming to Scotland I have embraced the golf walking culture wholeheartedly. Most courses only have a few golf carts, which are reserved for those with doctor’s notes and physical handicaps. Walking golf courses has proved particularly valuable when reviewing rounds. You walk with your head up and notice features of the golf course that are missed when driving down a cart path. Golf courses of the classic era were not meant to be driven on a cart.IMG_7721
Jones Sports Company has embraced golf’s walking culture wholeheartedly, reviving the iconic brand which made carry bags and collegiate bags for the previous generation. The Original Jones Bag is iconic within the golf world. The throwback styling of Jones’ new golf bags harkens back to the classic golfing days before GPS equipped carts and miles of cart paths.
I am playing the new Original Jones Bag and it has served me very well over rounds in both the US and the UK. Most recently it has held up well in the wet Scottish winter. Below are some of my favorite features that set the bag apart.
The three section divider at the opening of the bag allows for separation of putters and wedges from metal woods. The heavy duty plastic dividers are covered in a strong fabric. I mention this because the fabric covering the single divider on my Ping carry bag quickly wore out, exposing metal that rubs and chafes graphite shafts.  
The plastic bottom of the bag, imprinted with the Jones Golf logo, is another feature that sets this bag apart. I play frequently in heavy dew and rain, and the fabric bottoms of my other carry bags consistently soak through, wetting all the grips. This plastic bottom not only adds rigidity to the bag, but also keeps the grips dry. An umbrella sleeve, which is certainly not standard on carry bags, has proven useful in the rainy Scottish weather.
I can remember the point at a young age when the left shoulder strap on my first golf bag broke. A young habit of using one strap has developed into a preference. The single strap on my Jones bag is one of the most padded and comfortable I have ever carried. After caddying for a season at Kingsbarns Golf Links, I really wish more people used Jones bags. Over a number of rounds I have seen no degradation to the thickness or comfort of the strap padding.IMG_7679
I was worried about a lack of storage space for rain gear and warm weather gear when I first saw the bag online. That worry has been completely negated as I played a round yesterday with both waterproof pants and jacket in the longer storage pocket on the back of the bag. The distinct dual zipper front pocket can easily hold balls, tees, gloves and other small necessities. All that being said, this bag is supposed to be light, so don’t load it up!
Embroidery options on the left side of the golf bag allow for a nice customization touch. Many color options are available for the embroidery, which is currently available in two font options. It is also possible to send in company or club logos for full embroidery.
The Original Jones Golf Bag is incredibly well designed for a comfortable walking experience. The retro look, strong build quality, and very reasonable price set Jones apart from their competitors. The design is classic and people know know you are carrying a Jones. 

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  1. Thanks for the review! As I am not only playing Bandon Dunes here, but am playing 12 courses in England in July, I have been looking for a quality carry bag. Looks like you review could make that an easy choice.

  2. Hi Mike, the Jones bag is certainly the best carry bag that I have owned. I don’t think it can be beaten for the price. Bandon Dunes is very high on my to-play list… Hopefully I’ll make it out there soon. Watch out for some English course reviews in the coming months – it sounds like you have a good trip lined up!

  3. you can also look into the MacKenzie bag.. Hand made in Oregon, choice of all leather or ripstop nylon with leather accents. Can be customized with logos or initials. Usually takes a couple of months to deliver. but Great Quality

  4. I have carried a MacKenzie before and they make quite a bag! I would love to have one for myself at some point. The Original MacKenzie being $975 before customization and the nylon Ballistic Walker being $275 before customization puts them in a totally different range to the $140 Jones bag. Jones offers a great bag for much less money.

  5. I purchased my Jones Bag this winter and it is awesome. I live on Cape Cod and enjoy walking my muni course and the Jones Bag is perfect. It holds all of my clubs easily and the strap is really comfortable. It fits all my essentials. Highly recommend.

    1. Thank you for the comment Phil! I’m glad you like your Jones Bag as well – the comfortable strap is a big positive point for me. I imagine Cape Cod is amazing this time of year… get in all of the golf you can!

  6. Just got my Mackenzie Walker bag, and I love it! It’s waxed canvas, has only two pockets, and is very simple and light. I had my name and country club stitched on the side. I get lots of great comments about it. The price is a little steep, at $790, but it’s a really unique piece and would make a great gift for a golf nut.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Jules! I’ve got to admit that a little pang of jealousy went through me thinking about the waxed canvas Mackenzie. They’re beautiful. It’s a totally different price point than the Jones, so the two work well alongside each other.

  7. Had a Jones original carry bag playing the Golden State Tour in the late 80’s early 90’s.
    So glad to see they’re still available and am ordering one up tomorrow!

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